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Monday, May 31, 2010


Some Greedy GSM Consultants are Charging as High as N250,000 for What I’m About to Show You at the Cost of a Lunch at Mr. Bigg’s! 

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How To Turn Your GSM Phone into a Money Making Cash Machine Within 24hrs, Even If You’re Using a Worn-out NOKIA 3310 Phone Held Together With Rubber Bands! -True! No Hype!  Report me to EFCC If you don't.

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From the Computer of:
 Peter Essien
Re: Turn your phone into a cash-generating machine

Dear Nigerian Phone User,

Is your phone an asset or a liability?

Hold it… Before you jump to give me a wrong answer, understand that according to world-famous author Robert Kiyosaki, an asset is anything that puts money in your pocket, while a liability is anything that takes money out of your pocket. If you’re like most of the 60 million phone users in Nigeria, your phone is a massive cash-sucking liability.

Face it:

    You buy recharge cards almost everyday.

    You make calls almost everyday.

    You send text messages that cost as high as N15 per page

    You make calls anytime without knowing the period that the tariff is low

    Your network charges you for using Internet on your phone.

    Your network charges you for sending and receiving emails on your phone

    Your network charges you for downloading songs, ringtones,          wallpapers, and so on.

    Your network charges you for… everything … even for playing games!

Heck! Aren’t You Tired of Being Sucked Dry of Your Hard-Earned Money By Selfish GSM Networks?

Yes, in case you never realized it, I have the nerve to tell you that Glo, MTN, ZAIN, Etisalat and other networks in Nigeria are plain selfish; they care about nothing but to make money from their subscribers. Yes! I have been understudying this industry for over 3 years and the result of my research is what I am about to hand to you on a platter of gold.

Do you know that in other countries, text messages are sent for free to decongest network density? But here, Glo and MTN charge as high as N15 just to send a one-page sms whether it is delivered or not. What a selfish rip-off!

During the festive period, the networks were so bad that NCC Chairman, Ernest Ndukwe ordered that the networks should send their subscribers free airtime as a compensation. Did they comply? I don’t know about
you, but for me, I received no kobo on my phone, instead they sent me endless text messages urging me to play one rip-off game called Treasure Hunt so that I can keep wasting my tough-earned money on

Enough of Depleting Your Bank Balance in this Harsh Economy Where
Everything is Melting Down. It’s Time to Join Other Smart Phone Users
Who Make Money With their Phones.

Your phone may be a liability to you, but to others who are making money from you, it’s an asset to them.

The good news is that, in the next 24 hours, you can join the rank of smart phone users who not only make massive money from their own phones, but also from other people’s phones. Yes your GSM Phone can earn you all the money you want. One solid gsm business, well invested by you can make you all the money.

Plus the bonuses and all change my state in a great deal,
for example I Now I have a computer and I can
do so many other things I could not do before. I am
progressing and will very willingly recommend 5 unlimited
multiple streams of income to any other person
because its quite informative"

-Stanley Chukwu.
  Uyo city.

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marker 9 simple, ingenious ways to make money from this sms short code. No doubt, you’ve seen an ad that says you should send a text, for example, answer to quiz to 33586 and the text cost N100. That’s how folks like you are makingmillions from one silly quiz idea. (See page 7 – 9)
marker How to easily get GSM subscribers to willingly give you their money and even thank you … without even selling any product to them! (See page 10)
marker A new GSM multilevel marketing business that will make you over N500,000 in partnership with a mega bank in Nigeria. No! It’s not one of those extremely difficult network-marketing businesses. This is brand new and its as easy as a breeze. (See page 44 - 47)
marker How to trade FOREX right from your GSM phone here in Nigeria and  make over $200 daily from the $3 trillion dollar industry – forget  everything you’ve learnt about FOREX, this is the latest on FOREX trading,  not the old stuff that doesn’t work. (See page 31- 33)
marker Bulk sms money magic. How to sign up for bulk sms service from several  Internet providers and use it to turn in money at will. You’ll be shocked and thrilled to discover how simple this is. (See page 33)
marker Drop dead easy ways to set up GSM/SMS bulk message for your clients and have it sent automatically even if you are not anywhere  near a computer.
marker  How to get over 100,000 Nigerian phone users to turn your bank
 account into a cash dumping ground in less than 7 days!
I don’t know  about, it sounds good to me even if I make N1 from the 100,000 phone  users in just 7 days. That’s so short a time to rake in that amount of money. (See page 20)

Tell Me, What Would You Do With that Kind of Passive Income Rolling in Every Day? Just Imagine….

    -Buy a new car?

    -Get a bigger house?
    -Win the girl/guy of your Dreams and get married soon?

    -Take your family and loved ones on a vacation to Sun City in South Africa?

    -Invest in Warren Buffet’s extremely profitable company?

    -Give to the Charity you have been intending all this while to help?
              -Fund your Education without stress and stop running from pillar to post for  help?

Actually, that’s Just the Beginning. In this Brand new and Updated manual, You’ll Also Discover…

3 absolutely essential factors you must put in place before doing anything .Warning! The secret system won’t work until you put these  simple things in place. (See page 4)
marker One red-hot psychological trigger you must pull to attract eager phone users to cheerfully send you money and thank you for it! (See page 12)

marker How to turn other people’s phone numbers and emails to an ocean of fortune that can make you money on demand, forever! You'll also earn from the politicians, marketers and advertisers all around you (See page 17)
22 little-known Hungry markets that will turn your gsm business into modest cashcow even if you’re using the old NOKIA 3310 for the biz. (See page 26)
marker How to make money from gsm numbers of people you don't even know, old newspapers, Fliers and more (see page 23)
marker Learn how to use the never failing RTF rule to make constant unending money from your gsm Business. If you use this rule then no matter what happens in your business or in the world, you'll wake up every morning with money in your account (see page 27)
marker Over 7 hot groups of people that are ready to give you money right now and how you can mine them for unending cash by just sending sms to them. (see page 40)

Hey, don’t make the mistake of thinking that that’s all you’re to benefit from this detailed guide. It’s loaded with so much more! Gsm business is what you should be doing right now.

This never-before-sold e-book is all you need to magnet wealth with your Phone in gsm business. Imagine how much you could make even if you only sell your services to the people living in your Compound, or your members in the Church or Mosque members, or even your fellow workers.

As I write this, there are over 65 millions GSM users in the country according to 2009 report of the NCC. You don’t need to get all of them; just 1% is enough to make you a millionaire


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Solar Engineer,

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Your Report/e-book on 5 UNLIMITED MULTIPLE
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- Alex Oba,
Ilesha, Osun State,

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Glad you asked. The cost isn’t much, but before I tell you let me
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  Selfish GSM consultants are charging as high as N250,000 for this same information

   You get the classified closely guarded Secret information of top Seasoned and experienced GSM engineers and Business men which they have been using to rake millions, and which I have been collecting for over 3 years..

So, now how much do you think the e-book should go for?

N70,000? No Sir! Please, fathom out another guess.

N40,000? Nope, it’s nowhere near it.

Alright, 15,000? Yes, you’ve tried your best but that’s not the price
even though is worth more than that.

Okay, let me let the cat out of the bag. The e-book/manual goes for just
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“You can make money every 90 days
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Nnamdi owen
Student, onitsha

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Sincerely yours in wealth creation,

Peter Essien


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Eddy Joel Akpan
Internet Author, Lagos.

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....See You at the TOP....